New members-only training courses added

By Brian Birch posted 05-23-2018 10:56

SIMA’s membership investment comes with many benefits, including on-demand snow training courses.

Our commitment to our members is to continuously increase the value of tangible member benefits. That’s why we recently added a new set of five courses to our existing members-only training platform.

Our goal is simple: Help members plug in to a ready-made diverse set of training tools so you don’t have to build your snow-specific training from scratch. The SIMA Training Center at is a SIMA member’s best friend. It not only houses the members-only training but also numerous best practices guides, production documents, and contracts and forms. We take our “Stronger with Support” statement to members seriously.

New courses include:

Creating Standard Operating Procedures for Snow Operations
  • Using SOPs as training tools and teachable moments
  • Documenting SOPs effectively
  • Concrete examples of SOPs

Salt Purchasing and Inventory Management
  • Tools to help manage salt and deicing material inventory more effectively
Injury Prevention for Snow Professionals
  • Areas that may cause danger
  • Walking on snow and ice/exiting vehicles in icy conditions
  • Identifying site hazards that may lead to injury to an employee or patron
Safe shoveling and snow blower use
  • Tips and techniques to encourage an injury-free workplace
Disaster Response and Documentation Essentials
  • Create an emergency response plan
  • Protect your company from risk exposure when an accident or disaster occurs
  • Documentation essentials
  • Create a must-report culture and build transparency

Principles for Selling Snow as a Risk Management Service
  • Defining risk management and learning to distinguish between risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk retention, risk transfer and risk sharing
  • Attach greater meaning and value to risk management as a service and learn how to sell it as such
We are always interested in hearing how we can improve and strengthen our membership support!