SIMA Needs You - 2018/2019 Call for Volunteers

By Brian Birch posted 09-27-2018 10:32

Snow removal volunteers
As we gear up for the 2019 snow season, SIMA is once again seeking volunteers for our various committees. Our volunteers ROCK, but I think many forget that volunteering is not just a one-way street. Here are some simple things that volunteering at SIMA can help you with:

  1. Leverage SIMA: As a volunteer, if you engage with us you will learn more about the things we provide to our members, and you'll be able to fully leverage your own company's investment in SIMA membership.
  2. Peer Relationships: Some of the longest-lasting relationships I have seen created through SIMA come when like-minded peers work together. They get to know each other and become comfortable sharing and relying on each other, helping to build a snow-specific peer network over time.
  3. Industry Perspective: When you are a volunteer, you'll hear the ideas, opinions, and challenges that snow professionals face from across the continent. Some will be familiar, some will be new - but you'll gain a wider perspective of the industry that helps provide you with a career.
  4. Contributions Matter: Our advisory committees serve as mini focus groups for the staff to vet ideas, get opinions, and shape our programs and services. Committing to volunteering is to be part of that advisory group, which ensures that the association is listening to its membership and making relevant decisions and programs.
  5. SIMA Needs You: The association can't function strongly without a core group of individuals who help us get movement, set direction, and make improvements to the membership, our snow and ice symposium, and so much more. We are only seeking those who are in it for the right reasons, to help push the association forward as it supports this industry.

Take the next step (by October 19th, 2018) - Volunteer now!