What lurks beneath the snow...your kids!

By Brian Birch posted 02-01-2019 14:29

My kids...not at school

Throughout this snow season, those impacted by the weather have shared images and safety tips to keep America and Canada “moving” during winter. One thing I haven’t seen addressed lurks beneath the snow and rears its head each time we get the automated call announcing school is closed. It’s our kids! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

To see the look of devilish delight on their faces when they hear the words “snow day” is cool (or maybe terrifying). What kid doesn’t love snow days? Sleeping in, playing in the snow or just playing Xbox all day (c’mon, admit it).

The SIMA team has had a long week, from our Milwaukee HQ to our Ohio staff, snow days are slowly dragging us under the snow banks. We’ve dealt with video game battles, toddler tantrums, canceled babysitters, and kids playing in the background during conference calls. My kid even figured out how to pick the lock on my home office door. Pets can’t go to the restroom out there, so even our staff with non-human kids are struggling. It’s been tough.

Snow has a huge impact on our lives in North America. It’s an inconvenience, a hassle, a danger, and downright disruptive. But it is super fun sometimes too. [Oh and if you are a snow contractor, read this article on watching out for kids during snow events].

I don’t know how our members handle snow days with their kids. They are likely exhausted and stressed with their work already; having to manage school cancellations and a change of schedules with their spouses can’t be easy. We’d love to hear from all of you on this topic — how do you deal with snow days and keep doing your work out there in snow? Email Brian@sima.org.