Something new - field ops workshop shapes up

By Brian Birch posted 03-06-2019 11:49

Snow removal workshop

Okay so this is something new, and it’s pretty awesome. Our new Director of Education and Content, Cheryl Higley, did a bit of a ‘listening tour’ early this fall with key SIMA members and volunteers. She wanted to dig into the needs of our membership and how we can shape educational programming to fit those needs.

Many things came out of her review, and foremost on her list was a desire for access to more and better operator-focused training built on best practices. Our members are looking for boots-on-the-ground training that helps cut the learning curve for employees who are newer to snow and ice.

In response, our education team has created a one-day hands-on training for snow field operators. This stand-alone event will take place Wednesday, June 26, during the 22nd Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in Grand Rapids, MI.

SIMA trainers will present a robust class that doubles down on safe and efficient snow and ice management before heading into the field for an immersive hands-on equipment rodeo. Attendees will spend the afternoon behind the controls learning best practices for safe operations and efficiency techniques for plow trucks, spreaders, heavy equipment and sidewalk machines. To ensure a quality experience, space is limited for this event.

Learn more about the Field Workshop and Equipment Rodeo