Credentials Power Workforce Development

By Brian Birch posted 05-06-2019 11:56

I often hear people say they don’t invest in snow and ice training like they do in landscaping or other services. I get it, nothing is worse than investing in an employee who then leaves three months later. But I believe that the cost of not educating people with proven training and testing built with best practices is higher than not investing in your best.

SIMA, supported by BOSS Snowplow, wants to help lighten the load by awarding scholarships to four talented people who want to continue to build their career in snow by earning the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) or Certified Snow Professional (CSP) designation.

Our hope is this scholarship, as well as a special discounted rate for CSP and ASM purchases, will help many of our member companies move the needle for some key employees.

Scholarship applications open May 6-17, 2019 - Submit your application to win a full scholarship for either ASM or CSP (your choice, one application per person). We will announce four full scholarship winners by May 20. Apply here!

Program discounts are open May 21-June 30, 2019. Once the scholarships have been awarded, we’ll further incentivize industry professionals to take the next step with the following savings:

  • $50 off a CSP application, per person.
  • $50 off an ASM Team Plan (2 or more people training). Team Plans also include structured incentives.
Your company’s $200 Training Commitment credit can also be applied if it has not been used in your current membership cycle.

Finding good people is the biggest challenge the snow industry faces, and we won’t solve it with one program or initiative. But the more SIMA can help our members train and retain great people, the more we make an impact.

Keep an eye out for a second blog about some pilot programs we have been working on for Advanced Snow Management at tech schools and regional universities later this month.

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