2020 Scholarships opening on March 16th for snow credentials

By Brian Birch posted 03-11-2020 11:16

Scholarships open
It's Spring scholarship time again! While many folks are leaving winter in the dust, we are just ramping up our efforts to help connect more snow professionals in the industry with our core training and credentialing programs.

From March 16th-April 3rd, soliciting applications for scholarship applications. SIMA will award one of each:
  • 1 Full CSP application+modules (must meet prerequisites)
  • 1 Full Advanced Snow Manager courses
  • 1 Fundamentals of Anti-icing and Liquids Course

Not only are we providing scholarships again, but starting on April 8th we'll also offer discounts on the ASM and CSP programs. If you are considering investing in these programs, this is the best pricing you will be able to take advantage of!

This effort is supported by Boss Snowplow, thank you to them for their continued investment in the professionalism and education of our industry.

Stay tuned!