Come have coffee - 5 weeks of easy peer networking

By Brian Birch posted 07-09-2020 09:42

Don't let 2020 keep you from connecting...

We are busy over here trying to to ensure that all the connections you have made (or would like to make!) will not suffer due to the challenges of 2020. Yes, we had to cancel our physical symposium -- and no, we will not let that stop us from our goal of creating more and better relationships between all of you...whatever it takes!

With that in mind, every Wednesday we will be having a 30 minute Coffee Time for all of us to get together in a simple, useful roundtable virtual platform called Remo. It is super easy, just create an account in less than a minute and engage with us. No downloads, no complicated tech -- if you can use Zoom or similar platforms, it will be a snap, and if you have never used any of that, what better time than now? SIMA will be all-hands on deck to help members get settled and sharing via small-group video chat. Register for free for any coffee time events here.

Review the schedule and consider quickly putting your name in to attend one or more of these!

Wed, 7/15 at 10:30 am EST  - Coffee Time - Business Book Club
Jump on this event and hear from peers on the business, life, and motivational books that have changed their lives. Come prepared with 3 of your top books as well. SIMA will organize all book recommendations post-event for all attendees. Put your name in!

Wed, 7/22 at 10:30 am EST - Coffee Time - Building your snow career
Join SIMA's team and industry peers and chat with us about how to continue to build your career in the snow industry, including credentials you can earn, skills to continue to build, and talk about what is important for your career in the future. Sign up...

Wed, 7/29 at 10:30 am EST - Coffee Time - Motivating employee morale
Snow can be merciless, so mental toughness in employees is key. Chat with snow pros about how to increase the morale of your team leading up to the season and get your staff pumped and ready. Register here.

Wed, 8/05 at 10:30 am EST - Coffee Time - Get the most out of SIMA

Like any investment, you may not be getting everything you can out of SIMA currently. Talk with staff and some engaged members about how they leverage SIMA for differentiating themselves in snow. Sign up!

Wed, 8/12 at 10:30 am EST - Coffee Time - Solve a challenge
Got an issue or challenge? Bring it to our solve the challenge roundtable discussion and pose it to your peers to get their insights. Get solving!