Snow sales jam session coming in May

By Brian Birch posted 03-22-2022 09:35

jack jostes
Join Jack Jostes of Ramblin Jackson for the 2022 SIMA Compass Network Sales Jam on May 19th, 2022.

Tired of “losing on price?” Still selling like you did in 2005, but it’s not working anymore? Dial in your sales process to learn proven tactics to shorten your sales cycle, increase your close rate, and stand out as THE snow and ice contractor for your “Hell Yes Customers.”

Learn and grow with snow companies from across North America, all in an immersive online environment that is peer-focused. Registering your company provides access for any employees! And the best part? No Travel Required.

What’s new for 2022 Compass Network? Lots!
Shorter time commitment. Each event will be 2 to 3 hours.

New time. All sessions will begin at 2 pm EST so you can better plan your work day.

More interaction. Each session includes roundtable/workshopping time with speakers providing resources and exercises for participants to work together.

New platform. All sessions will be hosted on Zoom.

Hope to see you there!