Looking forward with hope and purpose

By Cheryl Higley posted 12-08-2020 11:48


If there is one word to describe our industry and your association, it’s resiliency — and that goes well beyond just managing the turmoil of 2020.

The very nature of snow and ice management can put us on our heels at a moment’s notice, but we have no choice for the safety of our teams and our clients’ sites to power through. The same can be said for your SIMA team and your board of directors, who are tasked with building and executing a vision that contributes to the success and support of our members and, by extension, the association.

Central to that mission is ensuring that the board prioritizes outcomes and initiatives that embody SIMA’s mission: empowering snow professionals for success. To assist in that effort, this fall SIMA engaged Readex Research to conduct a survey to gain insight into how well the association is delivering on our current outcomes, and whether those outcomes are still relevant in the business climate we’re navigating today and into the future.

As a board, we will use the information gathered from the survey to guide focused discussions with SIMA membership and to shape new outcomes and/or to further support existing outcomes that are still important. These outcomes will help focus the SIMA team’s efforts in the long- and short-term in three key areas:

Content strategy

We all have preferences on how to consume information, whether it’s reading Snow Business magazine, watching videos, listening to podcasts, etc. Similarly, depending on where you are in your snow and ice journey, the type of information you want may be different from what someone else is looking for. We have crafted a content development strategy that will allow us to build out information and delivery methods that match those journeys. This will be an intensive effort but an important one to ensure the diversity of our content offerings matches the diversity of the SIMA membership.  

Education and training

Similarly, the most recent survey, as well as 2019 readership and member surveys, have helped us to identify the types of education and pertinent topics our members need from SIMA. In 2021, we’ll be building targeted education programs (both virtual and in-person as COVID capacity restrictions allow).  

Membership engagement and benefits development

Our work starts and ends with serving our members. SIMA thrives when its members are engaged; and our members thrive when we can build resources that can help them build stronger relationships in the industry, strengthen their team members and grow their businesses.

How can you help shape the future of your association? Get involved! When we come calling with opportunities to network or provide feedback, take the time to be part of the conversation. Have ideas for resources that can help your company? Chances are someone else needs the same, so speak up! Your feedback and insight are invaluable to the work that the board and the SIMA staff do on behalf of its members.

Email info@sima.org and we'll put you in touch with the appropriate staff member related to your question or needs.