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SIMA 10 Quick Member Things You Can Do This Summer

By Chris Dix posted 07-12-2019 09:37


Staying engaged with SIMA is a great way to get ahead in snow. Here are 10 quick things you can use this summer to do just that, for no additional cost other than maybe, um, joining…

1. Share RFP Best Practices with clients and potential customers using resources at
2. Find industry-specific suppliers at our Supplier Directory
3. Watch the on-demand webinar Salt Purchasing and Inventory Management (*Members-only)
4. Get the Best Practices Checklist and start checking off stuff!
5. Find potential subcontractors with our Snow Contractor Directory 
6. Get the Advanced Contract Clauses from SIMA to help protect your snow business more effectively (*Members-only)
7. Download the Site Engineering Sell Sheet and other resources in the Members Marketing Kit to promote your connection to SIMA (*Members-only)
8. Use the searchable online SIMA glossary of industry terms to help refine contracts and standard operating procedures 
9. Check out the current issue of Snow Business Magazine
10. Download 7 Safety Quick Card pdf’s to enhance your training programs (*Members-only)

Contact me @ or (262) 236-9949 if you have any questions. Joining SIMA and representing professionalism and commitment to excellent in the Snow & Ice Industry has never been easier. ​If you do join online, expect a call/email from me. Member experience is my top priority.