Your SIMA membership never stops working for you

By Chris Dix posted 09-24-2021 12:14

Consider our staff and affiliates to be an extension of your workforce with your annual dues going a long way in your efforts to:

+ Educate and retain key personnel
+ Market, brand and differentiate your operation
+ Learn about new ways and tools to manage properties
+ Obtain insurance
+ Network with like-minded and-sized organizations
...and so much more!

The average contractor member has been partnered with SIMA for 9.4 years. And if you haven’t realized it by now, SIMA does everything in its power to listen carefully to market trends, challenges and opportunities to better support the industry. For those companies that plan to be in the snow and ice industry for the long haul and appreciate the benefits of partnering with the association, SIMA recently created a multi-year membership structure: This new offering allows flexibility, choice and one less administrative task to have to manage each year. The term “mutually beneficial” is something we strive hard to pursue and achieve with every person in this industry. Any business owner or sales/customer service representative could tell you it’s no easy task to try and meet people where they are, but it is certainly a challenge we accept. Consider this a way to save a few bucks, reduce administrative burden on staff and invest into the industry association that never stops working for you.