We Are In This Together

By Martin Tirado posted 05-29-2019 10:07


A wise former SIMA board member once said at a meeting “we are not just plowing snow for a customer, we are in a business to business partnership”. Well stated and even more relevant in today’s business climate where forming mutually beneficial partnerships is a key to success.

As professional service companies and entrepreneurs, profit margins are what keeps the plows running and employees happy. However, a true win-win is when you have a relationship with the property and facility you are providing services for that allows for trust, transparency and a mutually agreed upon set of objectives and principles. This is one of the reasons SIMA created the Best Practices for RFP Creation and Procurement. This tool covers the essential elements to establishing scope of work, level of service, preferred timelines for implementation, verification and several other components of a successful snow and ice management plan.

To create awareness for this best practice, we created a short, simple video that appeals to the interests of property and facility managers. Working together, we can create a partnership that manages risk, while also protecting assets and building profit margins. The more this best practices is utilized, the better these partnerships will be. We can no longer point fingers and blame each other. To build ongoing business success, we are in this together as snow and ice management companies and the business partners we serve.