ANSI Approves Snow and Ice Procurement Standard

By Martin Tirado posted 02-25-2020 14:35


Through the culmination of several years of discussions and engagement with a variety of members, property and facility managers and other stakeholders, we are proud and excited to announce that ANSI has approved SIMA’s first standard titled: Standard Practice for Procuring and Planning Snow and Ice Management Services.

Standards are not meant to sit in a trophy case. SIMA has long been an advocate of the concept that any practice can become a standard when such practice is widely and broadly adopted. As an example, seat belts do not make driving a car or truck safer. When seat belts are used, when you click-in, then driving or being a passenger becomes safer. To put SIMA’s standard into practice, members of SIMA have two ways to access the Standard, both included with your membership investment. 

We encourage all who are interested to not only read the standard, but also to learn it through a recorded online certificate course. As you will learn when reading and learning the standard, it provides the core areas that need to be addressed in scope of work and level of service, documentation and monitoring, along with general procurement. Use this standard as a necessary component when creating mutually beneficial agreements between snow service providers and properties and facilities needing such services.

This is a new era in professionalism for providing snow and ice management as an essential service in winter conditions. ANSI’s approval provides a 3rd party, highly valued verification to a component of snow and ice management best practices. With the support of our members, expect to see more standards in the future.