Opportunity Amid Chaos

By Martin Tirado posted 06-18-2020 11:12


Opportunity Amid Chaos

By Laura Ingram, CSP; SIMA Board Chair

After a devastating first half to 2020, we’re seeing a ramp-up of countries reopening for business, despite the uncertainty of the impact and a possible resurgence of the coronavirus. We can’t stress enough how proud SIMA is of our industry’s response to the pandemic.

Despite the economic and social upheaval, forward-thinking organizations are looking for opportunities to innovate, become more efficient and create stronger businesses. The same goes for your membership organization! We have strong core values at SIMA, and we’re using them to sustain us as we look to the future.


"Necessity is the mother of invention." The disruptions we have experienced are forcing us to examine what we have to do to adapt and improve. It’s clear the status quo has shifted, and companies have been forced to reexamine how they do business and deliver their essential services. The same is happening with SIMA and the Board of Directors. We’re looking at things in ways we never could have even contemplated just six months ago.

There’s no doubt that at least some of the changes we’ve made will end up lasting into the future as a benefit to SIMA and its members. One example is the plan to move our popular Snow & Ice Symposium to a virtual event this summer (see www.sima.org/show).


Six months ago, most companies would have never willingly let major portions of their workforce work remotely. We’ve found, however, that accountability and proximity are not the same. To move forward, we must take the leap of faith-based trust. The rewards are high, and the risks are much lower than we could have imagined a few short months ago. Trust is a precious relationship asset and will well serve those who have built it with their teams, their suppliers and their clients.


The passion and drive we have to get better will get us through times like this. We all have unique situations and obstacles to overcome, but we’re all battling the same elements. Trust that SIMA is using our core values to adapt and give our valued members the tools they need to help weather this very different kind of storm.

As we move forward, please stay in touch and let us know how we can continue to serve your needs. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that we are all stronger with support.