Engagement trade out - we’ll support you and you support us

By Stephanie Orvis posted 03-11-2020 14:53


Just like any company, SIMA puts its yearly budget to things that we find will benefit our members each year. Of course, more money would always be better (in all facets of life) but we do our research to use what we’re given wisely.

We work hard daily to get you, our association members and industry stakeholders, the best resources, tools, and information we can. Being a member, however, can’t be a one-way street. If you’re a SIMA member, you get the benefit of a number of discounted products, from marketing to consulting, big machines to plows and snow stakes. We need YOU to help us grow the awareness of the industry, and something as simple as joining and maintaining your membership is a major way you can help have an impact

If you’re still not sure membership is right for your company, sign up for our partner emails. When one of our partners has a discount, we’ll notify you! If you just need help researching what’s out there or seeing how other snow professionals get the work done, don’t forget to sign up for Snow Business. Each issue you get great (FREE!!!) information about business, products and more. This will keep you informed and help you stay in touch with us.

We are always here when you need us, our mantra and mission is ‘enabling snow professionals for success’. We hope we can count on you, too!