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Sand or another solid material placed on a slippery surface to temporarily improve traction for walking and/or driving. Abrasives alone do not melt snow and ice. #ChemicalandMaterialTerms
A Service Initiator .The agreed-upon maximum amount of snow or ice accumulation acceptable. Not to be confused with Trigger Depth . Related term: Level of Service . Copyright Snow and Ice Management Association 2015. #ContractualDocumentationandLegalTerms
An individual who has successfully earned snow-specific certificates in the following Advanced Snow Management courses: Core Principles, Ice Management, Plowing Operations, and Sidewalk Operations. The Advanced Snow Manager designation is a training designation not ...
The temperature observed at approximately 5 to 6 feet above ground elevation in order to represent how warm or cold it is at the average height of humans. This is the temperature reported by media sources in public weather forecasts and observations. #WeatherTerms
An additive typically added to deicer material to prevent caking/clumping. (Source: ). #ChemicalandMaterialTerms
The act of applying a deicer chemical (a liquid or a solid) to a surface before the storm starts in an effort to prevent ice from forming and bonding to the surface or to enhance plowing efforts. Often referred to as ‘pre-treating’ a site, not to be confused with Pre-treating ...
A plow that is mounted on the rear of a vehicle. As the vehicle moves forward, the blade is lowered to the ground to pull snow. #EquipmentandTechniqueTerms
A technique to move or clear snow by lowering the blade and driving in reverse, dragging the snow away. #EquipmentandTechniqueTerms
The amount of time elapsed to expose at least 80% of a paved surface from snow & ice accumulation. (Source: Hosseini, Hossain, Fu, San Gabriel, & Seters, 2015). #OperationsandServiceTerms
Patchy ice on a surface that is difficult to see because of its transparency. Black Ice forms when liquid water remains on ground surfaces and cools below freezing, regardless of the air temperature. #WeatherTerms