SIMA Jam Session - Contracts Gone Bad

When:  Apr 26, 2023 from 12:00 to 15:00 (ET)

When you think of a jam session, do you picture rocking out in your basement with your buddies? Sounds fun, but in business a jam session brings together people to foster creativity, innovation and thought exploration.  

April 26th Jam: Contracts gone bad

Are you maximizing the profitability of your snow contracts? Whether you’ve learned the hard way that you aren’t or need the knowledge to improve your process, this jam session is for you. Using real scenarios from snow industry peers, attendees will identify what went wrong and learn ways to avoid the same pitfalls relating to:

  • Poor estimating (get into overhead, pricing, things that are missed when bidding, etc.)
  • Unbalanced portfolios
  • Subcontracting mistakes (taking on work that isn’t profitable, you can’t commit to, etc.)
  • Missing/bad contract language that exposes you to risk, poor/non-existent margins (24/7, black pavement, etc.)
  • Insurance exemptions

PRICING: A $200 company pass allows you to bring up to 5 people to the table - that’s only $40 per person! Purchase either jam session for $200 or both for $350.