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Service Initiator

A contractually defined start of one or more snow services (plowing, deicing, snow relocation, etc.). Service Initiators can take many forms, including Trigger Depth; Accumulation Threshold ; weather forecast; written request by a client; automated or tech-enabled “service request” or work...

Service Report

A document or digital submission detailing the services provided during an event, often including some or all of the following: Name and location of site Operator(s) or account manager on-site Date of service Time of service (start and end times) Conditions of physical site upon...

Trigger Depth

A Service Initiator . The agreed upon measurable amount of accumulated snow or ice wherein snow and ice management services will be dispatched. Related term: Level of Service . #ContractualDocumentationandLegalTerms

Service Verification

Any organized combination of plans, processes, actions, technologies, records, and documents designed to collect and store data related to snow and ice management services rendered. Collected data includes but is not limited to location (GPS, etc.), chemicals (deicers used, amounts, etc.),...

Level of Service (LOS)

A description of the expected outcome(s) on a site or set of sites from the completed performance of snow and ice management services. Level of Service typically defines expectations for surface conditions at specific times (completion times) or timeframes, or alternate/additional expectations...

Accumulation Threshold

A Service Initiator .The agreed-upon maximum amount of snow or ice accumulation acceptable. Not to be confused with Trigger Depth . Related term: Level of Service . Copyright Snow and Ice Management Association 2015. #ContractualDocumentationandLegalTerms