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Snow Contractor

A person, business, or private organization that provides billed snow and ice management services for one or multiple clients. #GeneralIndustryTerms

Subcontractor/Independent Contractor

A person, business, or private organization that is contracted to perform specific services for another party, and does not have legal status as an employee, as defined by federal, state or provincial laws. #GeneralIndustryTerms

Snow and Ice Management

The combination of all business practices and operational procedures used to prevent or mitigate the effects of snow and ice accumulation on a site or set of sites. #GeneralIndustryTerms


The property or collection of contiguous properties where services are to be performed. #GeneralIndustryTerms

Service Area

Specific locations on a site where some portion of work will be performed as a part of the service agreement. #General Industry Terms #GeneralIndustryTerms

Private Snow Management Industry

Comprised of all companies, organizations and people, including suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors, and clients, engaged in the exchange of money, services, and resources related to snow and ice management. Most often associated with service for private property owners (retail...